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Our mission is to enhance health and well-being by addressing hormone deficiencies and excesses, thereby helping individuals lead fulfilling lives. To support this mission, we have developed the IHS website. The purpose of the website is to provide healthcare professionals with access to educational materials, relevant scientific references on hormone therapies, and information about upcoming conferences and workshops related to hormone therapies. If you are a physician or a pharmacist, we invite you to join us in advancing this movement by becoming a supporting member.

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, President of the International Hormone Society


The Importance of Optimizing Hormone Levels

Optimizing hormone levels by correcting hormone deficiencies and excesses can indeed have a significant impact on health and potentially increase life expectancy. This is supported by numerous scientific publications that demonstrate significant associations between optimal hormone levels (without excess) and improved quality of life, better overall health, and in certain cases, increased life expectancy. It is noteworthy to observe the abundance of references from randomized clinical trials, many of which are extracted from peer-reviewed journals. These studies consistently report improvements in health outcomes with hormone therapies or the correction of hormone excesses. This body of evidence underscores the importance of proper hormone management in promoting health and well-being.

Strong Scientific Evidence Supporting Hormone Therapies and their Safety

As visitors, you can readily discern from our website that the evidence supporting hormone therapies is not only abundant but also strong and reassuring.

Evidence-Based Hormone Therapies

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