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The First Issue

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The First Issue

Dave Johnson, President, International Hormone Society

Introductions are in order!  First, I am not a doctor!  I am a computer specialist.  I have always had a certain fire in my belly for worthy projects!

Our co-founders, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and Dr. Jackie Springer saw the need for a medical society that would deal comprehensively with hormone therapy.  For example, thyroid treatment may negatively impact melatonin.  Thyroid and insulin therapy can cause or increase cortisol deficiency.  Patients can become irritable, temperamental, or otherwise deal poorly with stress and be unaware that the cause is their medications.  Most doctors are aware of these interactions, but many do not address the “big picture” for their patient.   Dr. Hertoghe frequently states that a doctor must consider the impact of administering hormones on all the other hormones in the body.

A year or so ago, Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and Dr. Jackie Springer were talking about establishing just such a medical society.  Dr Hertoghe has worked for many years to educate patients and doctors about advanced hormone therapies and age related diseases.  He has sponsored, conducted and lectured in seminars and symposia all over the world.

Dr. Springer began her medical career as a medicinal chemist.  After working for 3 years as a chemist for a large pharmaceutical company, she changed direction and went to medical school at age thirty-four.  She believed she would be more fulfilled in life as a doctor.  After medical school she worked for several years as an ER doctor.

Dr. Springer lost her mother and a sister (at 24 years of age) to complications due to obesity.  In the mid-nineties she began to focus her medical practice in obesity treatment.  She became board certified in Bariatric Medicine in 1997 (study and treatment of obesity).  Since obesity is partly caused by hormone imbalances, it was natural that she would move forward and obtain a fellowship in endocrinology (study and treatment of hormones).  She has a special interest in pituitary dysfunction due to head trauma, infection and tumors and the treatment of osteoporosis.

Dr. Springer applied her background in chemistry to her understanding of hormones in her medical practice.  Her double barrel approach, considering the action of hormones at the molecular level as well as the standard medical understanding of hormones in the human body, has resulted in many insights that have been of great benefit to her patients and medicine in general.

Dr. Springer met Dr. Hertoghe at his first EAQUALL seminar in Brussels, Belgium.  He immediately recognized her unique talent and they became fast friends and colleagues.  Dr. Springer has lectured at many of Dr. Hertoghe’s conferences, including Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, and San Diego. They began to discuss starting a medical society oriented toward their philosophy of medicine and comprehensive hormone therapy.

Since they were both extremely busy with their medical practices, I volunteered to launch the society.  I had to give myself the title of “President” in order to incorporate the society in the State of Kansas.  We expect to select a doctor as Medical director in the near future.  Until then, I am at your service.  You may email me at




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