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The International Hormone Society

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Mission of the Society

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International Hormone Society (IHS)

The Society has two major goals. One is to make the public aware of the importance and availability of doctors specializing in the medical science of hormone deficiencies or excesses and in the medicine of aging. The second goal is to work within the medical community to bring the "medicine of aging" to a more prominent level of utilization in the various medical specialties.

We are a reliable source of accurate information. Scam artists and charlatans have invaded aging medicine. It is very difficult for the non-medically trained public to sort out the fact from the fiction. This society and this web site will never sell products or attempt to profit from the disease or heart ache of people. We are all about information and working to bring hormone balance to the world.

Need & Center of Interest:

There is a need for a society that specifically centers its interests and activities on the correction of adult endocrine deficiency and excesses. In particular, the correction of the declining adult hormone levels, as they occur with aging, to more youthful levels. Specifically, a society that collects and summarizes all the data on the safe use of advanced hormone therapies. This includes the most recent, advanced and progressive applied
hormone therapies for adults such as growth hormone, DHEA, melatonin, thyroid, etc.

Specific goals of the Society:

Provide to physicians and other health professionals scientific and practical information on adult hormone diagnosis and therapy, also on the most recent or advanced and progressive applied hormone therapies collect, summarize and publish the reviews and other data on the safe use of all hormone therapies useful for adults in order to counter aging and its adverse consequences a forum where they can exchange information coming from their practical experience, scientific research and theoretical knowledge guidelines of recommended safe diagnostic and therapeutic methodology validation and professional scientifically based defense of their therapeutic work in hormone therapies.

Promote to physicians, patients, general public and media the use of hormone therapy for correction of adult hormone deficiencies (and excesses) form mild deficiency to the total absence of a hormone (mild to severe hormone excesses) in order to soften aging and increase the quality of life, health and longevity of aging adults continuous improvement in adult hormone diagnosis, therapies and follow-up, research.

Tools :

To achieve these goals, the society may use all the appropriate tools of communication,   through internet (including the creation of a website with two sections, one for physicians and other health physicians and one for patients), audiovisual, radio, TV , educational programs (i.e. universities and seminars) and any other medium of communication organization of meetings (form lectures to congresses) interviews by media, writing and publication of scientific papers as articles, reference books, CD’s, journals and other means that investigates, validates or demonstrates the capability of adult hormone therapy.


The Society may collect money through membership fees books sales, CD’s sales, collection of attendance fees for Society sponsored meetings and conferences corporate donations and grants.



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