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Upcoming IHS Conferences

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Bangkok, Thailand
13-15 July

WOSAAM Thailand


19-20 July

A4M Dubai

V Congresso International

Sao Paulo, Brazil
16-18 November

Longevidade Saudavel


Las Vegas, USA
13-15 December

A4M World Congress

World Thyroid Register for Patients
  The Hormone Handbook - 2nd Edition:
The first edition has been a tremendous success among physicians. The long-awaited second edition with improvements in many sections of the book will boost their enthusiasm:

Added: 30% more practical information in 850 pages.

Added: Six new chapters on major hormones that will change the physician's practice: IGF-1 and insulin, both possibly more potent than growth hormone, vasopressin the wrinkle-reducer, oxytocin the orgasm-restorer, MSH therapies far more potent than testosterone for male and female sexuality, and parathormone, the major anti-osteoporosis hormone.

Added: Updated scientific references with essential data that justifies the use of hormone therapies better than ever: protective effects of hormones in cancer patients, increased risk of disease in patients whose hormone levels remain within the lower half of the reference range, etc.

Passion, Sex and Long Life, the Incredible Oxytocin Adventure:
This general public book on possibly one of the most important hormones in humans explains why many people may need to take a supplement of oxytocin the hormone not only of orgasm, but also of tender love, attachment, friendliness, passion, and may more... All aspects of detection and treatment of oxytocin deficiency are explained. An abundant scientific literature supports the information.

Atlas of Endocrinology for Hormone Therapy:
This book shows the physical signs and complaints of the 36 major hormone deficiencies and excesses that physicians encounter in their practice and can relieve. The book is unique. Next to about 500 exceptional pictures of patients with smaller physical endocrine signs, more than 200 additional pictures and figures, often not shown in the traditional atlas of endocrinology, the Atlas of Endocrinology & Hormone Therapy provides extensive schematic overviews of the many physical signs to make it all the more comprehensible enriched by a far-reaching literature review of the signs and symptoms of hormone dysfunction, making it evidence-based.




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