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Hormone Handbook

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Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, co-founder of this Society, has recently published The Hormone Handbook.  The Society has received numerous phone calls and emails from doctors in the United States and Europe, seeking to purchase the handbook. If you are in Europe you should go to the International Medical Books ( web site to purchase.  The U.S. distributor for the book is University Compounding Pharmacy ( in San Diego, CA.  Please mention this web site when you make your purchase!

Dr. Jackie Springer, co-founder of Center for Hormone Science and Education and co-founder of this society is offering her revised version of the Physician Handbook, Adult Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis and Treatment. This handbook contains a chapter on the legal use of growth hormone with excerpts by Rick Collins, Esquire. There is a very good section on how to do the growth hormone stimulation testing. It also contains important information on ICD-9 Codes and CPT codes for insurance purposes. It is a short, easy to read handbook for the busy health care provider. Purchase it here .



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