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The International Hormone Society

The official Web Site of the International Hormone Society

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International Hormone Society

The International Hormone Society has been created as an answer to many requests from patients and their doctors, decision-makers and institutions to provide practical information and a high standard of education in hormone replacement therapies. This web site will provide not only information on conventional therapies (such as female hormones, thyroid hormone, cortisol, etc.), but also more advanced hormone therapies such as adult growth hormone, testosterone, melatonin, DHEA, and parathormone.

 There is a real need for practical and scientific information on how to apply these therapies, what are the benefits and risks, what to do in case of problems, what is legally and/or scientifically allowed or not allowed, how much justification is there for these therapies and so forth.  The founding members of the Society believe that there is insufficient knowledgeof the scientific information about hormone therapies, especially of the more advanced type,   available to the public and even the medical community.  They wish to fill in these gaps. In this sense the society is not a concurrent or rival organization to any of the existing hormone or endocrine societies, but fills a rather complementary role.  To accomplish this highly informative role the Society focuses on:

1. Circulation of information: through this website (Internet) by an open forum, online conferences (in the future), publications of articles, an Internet newsletter,  a patient question and answer section, meetings, symposia, conferences and congresses,  and videoconferences, etc.

2.  Stimulation of scientific research

One of the primary goals of the Society is to collect, by review of current literature, the existing scientific data on the clinical aspects of hormones.  For example, the relationship of hormones with depression, fatigue and other quality of life issues will be presented.  Age-related diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes or aging itself as it relates to skin and aging will be followed.  This data will be published via the internet or in book form as reviews of the scientific literature.  These reviews will be regularly published as new data becomes available.

A second and crucial goal of the society consists of collecting publications or  other pronouncements from those critical of hormone therapies and confront them with the actual scientific data.  This goal is close to the previous one and will be generally treated together in the same documents. 

A third goal is to gather new information from the practical experience of the many physicians and their patients using hormone therapies, eventually including them in research projects.

This is why the Society will focus on having many clinically experienced physicians who are actively practicing hormone replacement therapies share their experience that we may learn from them.  Also we hope to give the patient a place to ask questions and get the answers they need.

A fourth goal is to do active lobbying for the identification of the safe use of hormone therapies when governmental and institutional organizations make unfavorable and unjustified decisions against the evidence brought up by scientific research and clinical experience by physicians.



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